Name of Faculty Dr. NITHYAJA B
Department Physics
Designation Assistant Professor
Email ID nithyashajeesh[at]gmail.com
Teaching Experience 8.5 years
Field of Research (if any) Photonics
Research Activities Research Guide
Major and Minor Projects Undertaken Dr. Nithyaja B -Photonic Applications of Dye Doped Thin Films Prepared In DNA based Biotemplate.
(Completed project - UGC funded (205-2017) Order no: 1641-MRP/14-15/KLCA026/UGC- SWRO)
List of Publications 1. B. Nithyaja, V. K. Jisha, R. Tintu, A.V. Saramma and V. P. N. Nampoori; “kinetics of bacterial colony growth by laser induced fluorescence” , Laser Phys. 19, 468 (2009)
2. Nithyaja Balan, Misha Hari, Vadakkedathu Parameswaran Narayana Namppori; “Selective mode excitation in the dye –doped DNA polyvinyl alcohol thin film”, Appl. Opt. 48 3521(2009)
3. B. Nithyaja, H. Misha, P. Radhakrishnan and V P N Nampoori; “ Effect of DNA on nonlinear optical properties of Rhodamine6G-PVA solution”, J. Appl. Phys. 109, 023110 (2011)
4. Nithyaja B, Yogeshwar Nath M , Amit Kumar S,Misha H and Nampoori V P N; “Linear and nonlinear optical properties of silver nanoparticles stabilized by bovine serum albumin” J. Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials 20 (2011)
5. B. Nithyaja, H. Misha and V.P.N. Nampoori “ Synthesis of silver nanoparticles in DNA template and its influence on nonlinear optical properties ",; Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2(4), pp. 99-103, 2012
6. B. Nithyaja, K. Vishnu, S. Mathew, P. Radhakrishnan, and V. P. N. Nampoori “Studies on CdS nanoparticles prepared in DNA and bovine serum albuminbased biotemplates” J. Appl. Phys 112, 064704 (2012)
7. Nithyaja B, Misha H, Nampoori V P N; “Fluorescence enhancement of silver nanoparticles using DNA as a stabilizing agent”, Proc. SPIE 8173, 81731K (2010)
8. K.Vishnu ,B. Nithyaja ,C. Pradeep , R. Sujith ,P. Mohanan and V.P.N. Nampoori; “Studies on the effect of mobile phone radiation on DNA using laser induced fluorescence technique”, Laser Phys. 21, 1(2011))
9. Rose Leena Thomas, Vasuja, Misha HariI, B. Nithyaja S. Mathew, I. Rejeena, Sheenu Thomas , V. P. N. Nampoori and P. Radhakrishnan; “Optical Limiting in TeO –ZnO glass from Z-scan technique” , J. Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials 20, 3 (2011)
10. M. Libish, J. Linesh, M. C. Bobby, B. Nithyaja, S. Mathew, C. Pradeep, P. Radhakrishnan “Glucose concentration sensor based on long period grating fabricated from hydrogen loaded photosensitive fiber ", T.; Sensors & Transducers Journal, Vol. 129, Issue 6, pp. 142-148, (2011).
11. Sasidharan Sreeja, Balan Nithyaja, Debasis Swain, Vadakkedathu Parameswaran Narayana Nampoori, Padmanabhan Radhakrishnan Soma Venugopal Rao “Nonlinear Optical Studies of DNA Doped Rhodamine 6G-PVA Films Using Picosecond Pulses”Optics and Photonics Journal 2 135-139 (2012)
12. C. Pradeep, S. Mathew, B. Nithyaja, P. Radhakrishnan, V. P. N. Nampoori “Effect of marine derived deoxyribonucleic acid on nonlinear optical properties of PicoGreen dye “Applied Physics B (2013 )
13. Rejeena, B.Lillibai, B.Nithyaja, V.P.N.Nampoori, P.Radhakrishnan “Optical Studies on Sol-Gel Derived Lead Chloride Crystals” J. Engineering, Computers & Applied Sciences Vol. 2, No 4 (2013)
14. C. Pradeep·S. Mathew·B. Nithyaja· P. Radhakrishnan·V.P.N. Nampoori“Studies of nonlinear optical properties of PicoGreen dye usingZ-scan technique”
15. Appl Phys A 115:291–295 (2014) 16. Dileep Krisnan P, Nithyaja B, Pavena K “ Biophotonics fo Life with Special Emphasis on DNA & Silk as Biomaterials” Intenational Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science Vol: 4 Issue 03 (2017)
Administrative Responsibilities Member of Women cell
Edusat Coordinator
Research committee convener
Member of IQAC
Students Related Activities Mentor of SSP
Mentor of WWS
Books Published
Awards / Honors
Countries Visited
Address for correspondence (with PIN Code) Meethale Kunnoth
Madappally College
Academic Qualifications
Examinations Name of the Board/University Year of Passing Subject
Graduation University of Calicut 2000 Physics
Post Graduation IIT Madras 2002 Physics
M. Phil
Ph. D Cochin University of Science and Technology 2012 PHOTONICS
Others-M Tech Cochin University of Science and Technology 2005 Opto-electronics and Laser Technology